How much do you know about French Bulldogs? Also known as “Frenchies,” French Bulldogs are small, stocky dogs with square bodies. These adorable little dogs are quite popular due to their unique appearances and abundantly charming personalities. If you’re interested in adding a French Bulldog to your family, here are a few things you need to know.

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Where Do French Bulldogs Come From?

Some dog breeds are so ancient that tracking their exact origins can be difficult. When it comes to bulldogs’ origins, most records indicate they originated with the Molossians, a tribe in Ancient Greece. Phoenician traders took the breed from Greece and spread it throughout their trading routes. Bulldogs were used to bait bulls for sport, which shows us how they came by their name. When barbaric blood sports like bull-baiting were banned – and rightly so –bulldogs became popular companion animals. As a result, breeders began to focus on creating a smaller, more lap-friendly bulldog.

In the mid-1800s, a toy-sized bulldog gained popularity in cities across England, including Nottingham. Nottingham was well-known for producing lace, and subsequently the bulldog became a mascot for lace-makers. As the industrial revolution replaced homemade industries like lacemaking, many English lacemakers relocated to Northern France, bringing their little bulldogs with them. These toy bulldogs were bred with other breeds in the French countryside, most notably the Pug and several small terriers, until they created the Bouledogue Francais, or French Bulldog.

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What Does a French Bulldog Look Like?

French Bulldogs have a unique and easily-identifiable appearance. They are most well-known for their bat-like ears and half-flat, half-domed skulls. Their eyes are large, round, and set wide apart on their faces. A Frenchie’s coat is short and smooth, with coat colors including brindle, fawn, cream, white, and black, or any combination of two of those. Many French Bulldogs sport a black mask, brindle markings, or even a piebald pattern. 

These small dogs are characterized by their compact stature. Frenchies have deep, broad chests that are wider than their back ends, giving them a pear shape. They stand around 12 inches at the shoulder and typically weigh between 19 and 28 pounds.

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What Is A French Bulldogs’ Personality Like?

French Bulldogs have always been companion animals. They were bred with personality traits in mind that enabled them to thrive as companion animals. As a result, these dogs are loving, loyal, and content to be right by your side, always. This breed’s extremely loving nature means they don’t do well being left alone for long periods of time. French Bulldogs get along perfectly with children, couples, singles, elderly folks; in short, they get along with everyone. If socialized from a young age, French Bulldogs can get along with all manner of other pets too, even cats! They enjoy living in houses but do just as well in an apartment setting. These dogs don’t bark much either, which can be ideal for apartment living. French Bulldogs are incredibly sweet, but they’re also playful and goofy; their comical antics will keep you well entertained.  

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How Hard Is It To Train a Frenchy?

Socializing and training a new puppy are essential for any dog, and the Frenchy is no exception. As we’ve discussed, this breed is incredibly loyal, intelligent, and eager to please their people. However, they can also have a bit of a stubborn streak. Don’t worry, though; with patience and consistency, you will find that training your pup is an enjoyable pastime for you both.

When training, try to avoid shouting or punishment methods, as these harsher techniques may cause your bulldog to shut down. Instead, try to stick with positive reinforcement and keep your training sessions short and fun. A great-tasting training treat doesn’t hurt either. If you begin to feel frustrated, end your training session as quickly as possible, preferably on a positive note. 

How Much Exercise Does A French Bulldog Need?

Despite their small size, French Bulldogs still require plenty of regular exercise to be their happiest, healthiest selves. Luckily, their size also means that they expel their energy pretty quickly! If you make an effort to take your pup for a quick walk or a play session in the yard at least twice a day, you’ll be able to burn off your Frenchy’s extra energy. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise are prone to boredom, which can lead to destructive behavior; a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

Due to this breed’s short snout, you need to be aware of their breathing during activities. The shape of their muzzle can cause respiratory issues when exercising in extreme temperatures. Speaking of extreme temperatures, French Bulldogs have an extra-short coat that leaves them vulnerable to cold weather, so consider getting your Frenchy a stylish, warm sweater for the winter months.

This breed is particularly prone to obesity, so in addition to adequate exercise, it’s important to follow serving-size recommendations from pet food manufacturers or your veterinarian, no matter how much they flash you those hungry puppy dog eyes!

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Do French Bulldogs Have Health Problems?

As with most purebreds, French Bulldogs can suffer from a couple of inherited health issues. There are two main health concerns when it comes to this breed: respiratory issues and obesity.

  • Respiratory issues: as mentioned above, the short snout of a bulldog makes them more likely to suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, which can lead to breathing problems.
  • Obesity: obesity contributes to a wide range of health issues that can affect anything from bones to joints to organs, so keep your pup to a strict dietary regimen.

A French Bulldog’s life expectancy is between 10 and 12 years.

How Do You Groom a French Bulldog?

If you choose to bring home a French Bulldog, you’ll be happy to hear that their grooming needs are fairly low maintenance. Their short, silky coat sheds infrequently. For best results, use a grooming mitt once a week to remove any dead hair and keep the coat shiny. They don’t need baths very often, but if you need to freshen them up, you can bathe them periodically with a dog shampoo.

The only grooming maintenance that French Bulldogs need special care with is their large, erect ears. These bat-like appendages require regular cleaning to avoid irritation or infections. Use cotton pads soaked in an antibacterial ear wash once a week to wipe the inside of each ear. 

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Can’t Go Wrong With a Bulldog

There’s a good reason French Bulldogs are such a popular breed. Their playful, loving demeanor, calm disposition, and significant adaptability make them an ideal dog for almost any household. In a French Bulldog, you will find a constant companion and cuddle buddy, a furbaby with the energy for almost any adventure.

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