Small dog breeds are underrated in the world of dog lovers, but their popularity is on the rise. Small dogs now make up most canine households, though this should come as no surprise because small dogs rock! However, not all small dogs are great for everyone. Let’s discuss a few reasons to adopt a little dog and some of the best small dog breeds available.

Why Small Dog Breeds Are The Best

Here are a few reasons to adopt a small dog:

There’s less mess.

A smaller dog means smaller poop! Cleaning up in your yard or on walks is that much easier.

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They’re cheaper.

Smaller dogs eat less, saving you money on dog food.

They make great lap dogs.

Who doesn’t want to cuddle a small, warm, fluffy puppy?

There’s more room.

Smaller dogs don’t take up as much room on the bed or couch but still provide optimum cuddles.

They’re great with kids.

As long as they’re well-trained, small dogs are great around children. They don’t scare kids with their size or a loud bark, and they can’t accidentally knock tiny humans over as easy.

They don’t know their own strength.

Or lack thereof. Many small breeds of dogs don’t know how little, cute, and unintimidating they really are. 

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They travel friendlier.

Small breeds of dogs can travel on planes, trains, and in cars much more efficiently, and often without additional fees.

They live longer.

Every pup parent dreads the day they must say goodbye to their canine companion. Smaller dogs live longer on average, postponing that sad day just a little longer.

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The Best Small Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terriers, or “Yorkies,” are often carried in their owners’ arms, or even in purses. Though incredibly small in size, Yorkies have huge personalities. They make excellent watchdogs, alerting their families to anyone who approaches their home. They are quite affectionate and make excellent companions. Compact dogs, Yorkies weigh no more than 7 pounds and have a silky black and tan coat.


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Dachshunds are also known as weiner dogs due to their elongated appearance. This breed comes in standard or miniature size. They are adorable and sweet with their family members but warier of strangers. Dachshunds weigh no more than 32 pounds, with miniatures weighing closer to 10 pounds.


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Poodles come in 3 sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. If you’re looking for a small dog, the standard size won’t suit you, but the toy or miniature poodles will fit just fine. Poodles are known for a hypoallergenic, curly coat, in white, apricot, brown, or black. They are very intelligent, easy to train, and have a long lifespan. Miniature poodles weigh 10 to 15 pounds; toy poodles weigh between 4 and 6. 

Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzus are the ultimate lap dog, bred specifically for that purpose thousands of years ago. This breed has a long, silky double coat that requires some maintenance but renders this dog extra snuggly. Shih Tzus have black, blue, and silver coat colors and usually 1weigh between 9 and 16 pounds. They are a hardy animal with an alert, confident, happy disposition.


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Chihuahuas are another of the best small dog breeds with huge personalities. This breed is very active and sassy with a Napoleon Complex, but they may be wary of strangers. They are also lovable and loyal, able to bond closely with their human family. Chihuahuas can have a smooth or long coat, usually in black or tan. This breed weighs no more than 6 pounds.


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Pugs really are one of the best small dog breeds available. They are tiny, round dogs with amazing personalities. Bred as lap dogs and companions for Tibetan monks, they are incredibly affectionate and adaptable to varying situations. They can experience some respiratory or eye health problems, so they need regular checkups. Pugs are usually black and fawn and weigh between 14 and 18 pounds. 

Boston Terrier 

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With their flat faces and stocky bodies, Boston Terriers are similar in appearance to a pug, but with signature markings in black and white. They are happy, loyal dogs named after the city that first created them: Boston, Massachusetts. Bostons are playful and energetic, but can also spend plenty of time cuddling on your lap. They have a smooth coat and weigh between 12 and 25 pounds.


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The long, silky, white-coated Maltese is a conundrum. Small, yet spunky, gentle, yet brave, the Maltese is an attractive package in a little pup. They bond closely with their families and make excellent companion animals. They weigh no more than 7 pounds.

Finding Your Perfect Small Dog Breed

If you know you want a small dog, it’s clear you might avoid the obvious large dog breeds. However, not all small dog breeds are suited to every lifestyle either. When researching the possibility of bringing a new pup into your home, it’s essential to know which kinds of dogs will best suit your life. These small dog breeds are adaptable, friendly, and make excellent companions to families of all shapes and sizes.

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